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Elevate the beauty routine with our salon mirror, designed for the modern diva. Capture every angle flawlessly.

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Flawless Finish, Every Time

Custom Mirror

We offer a spectrum of mirror shapes and functions to suit your business preferences. Crafted with advanced technology, it ensures durability and effortless adjustment.

Key Features

What Makes Your Barbershop Shine!


Salon mirrors are normally constructed with durable glass and sleek metal or wooden frames. This ensures longevity and a polished appearance that complements the salon decor.


They often come in rectangular, oval, or even custom shapes. The choice of shape can add character and style to the salon's interior.


Salon mirrors often include built-in lighting, such as LED strips, to provide optimal illumination for precise haircuts, styling, and makeup applications. Some mirrors also incorporate features like adjustable tilting for versatile positioning and storage options for convenience.

Which One Is Better?

Parlor Mirror vs. Hairdressing Mirror

Actually, as a mirror manufacturer, I consider that parlor mirrors and hairdressing mirrors are compatible and convertible. Why do I say that? Salon mirrors include both standard mirrors and LED mirrors, which serve the same purposes. But if you ask me how to choose them, I will advise you to focus on their designs and functionality.

Parlor Mirror

- Perfect for intimate settings. - Suitable for upscale parlors and boutique salons. - Traditional elegance and vintage charm with ornate frames.

Hairdressing Mirror

- Functionality is the top priority. - Illuminated by cutting-edge LED technology. - Contemporary flair with sleek and minimalist designs.

Enhance Your Daily Glamour

Which Type of Mirror Used in Salon

Discerning shop owners understand that the right mirror can elevate the entire aesthetic experience. In salon decor, there are two primary types of mirrors that take center stage: barbershop mirrors and salon tables with mirrors.

The reflective surface in barbershop mirrors is crafted to offer precise clarity, enabling barbers and hairstylists to execute their artistry with finesse.

  • classic appeal
  • all-mounted design
  • distinctive old-world elegance

Well, salon tables with mirrors are engineered for optimal illumination, ensuring that every detail is accentuated during beauty treatments.

  • modern design
  • multifunctional purpose
  • integrated into stylish tables

In summary, whether you opt for the timeless allure of barbershop mirrors or the modern functionality of salon tables with mirrors, your choice should align with your salon’s overall aesthetic and practical requirements. And remember, Meiyi will give you what you want.

For Salon, For Spa

Do We Supply Mirror Station?

Meiyi Salon Equipment, a pioneer in the salon industry, stands as a reliable beacon for those seeking top-tier solutions. Thus we of course supply types of mirrors that are nothing short of exceptional.
We do not merely provide a single mirror; we also offer a bespoke experience through custom service to create what you desire like a mirror station.
Whether you require wall-mounted mirrors for a minimalist aesthetic or vanity-style mirrors for a touch of glamour, We offer a diverse range. We promise the mirror stations we offer are statements of style and absolutely reflect the essence of your salon’s unique character.
In conclusion, if you seek the epitome of mirror stations that marry elegance and functionality, look no further than Meiyi. With their expertise and commitment to customization, they turn the ordinary into extraordinary, one mirror at a time.

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