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Transform your salon into a haven of style and sophistication with our elegant shampoo chairs and beds.

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Backwash Shampoo Unit

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Blissful Salon Experience

Custom Shampoo Chair and Bed

We offer a spectrum of color options, luxurious leather textures, and types of ceramic bowls to suit your business preferences. Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology, it ensures durability and effortless adjustment.

Key Features

Without Particulars, There's No Prosperity

Shampoo Bowl:

The shampoo bowl boasts ceramic construction, ensuring durability and longevity, while its sleek design complements any salon decor.


Upholstered in high-quality, easy-to-clean leather, the styling chair offers durability and a touch of luxury. The leather not only enhances the chair's aesthetics but also ensures it stands up to the rigors of daily salon use.

What Can I Choose?

Shampoo Chair vs. Shampoo Bed

When it comes to furnishing your salon, choosing between a shampoo chair and a shampoo bed can be a pivotal decision. Both have their unique advantages, and understanding the differences can help you make an informed choice:

Shampoo Chair

- Space-Efficient: Ideal for salons with limited space. - Versatile: Allows for multiple angles and positions for shampooing. - Accessibility: Easier for clients to get in and out of.

Shampoo Bed

- Luxurious Comfort: Offers a spa-like experience, enhancing relaxation. - Reclining Feature: Fully reclines for a comfortable, horizontal position. - Extended Services: Great for additional treatments like scalp massages.

New Reform in Your Barbershop

What Is A Backwash Shampoo Bowl?

A backwash shampoo bowl is a fundamental fixture in salons, marrying both functionality and elegance. This specialized piece of equipment is designed to elevate the hair-washing experience for both clients and stylists.


  • Facilitates hair washing and rinsing in salons.
  • Supports the client’s neck for optimal comfort.
  • Allows stylists to access the hair from various angles.
  • Provides adjustable water temperature and pressure controls.
  • Enhances the overall salon experience.


  • Durable construction with materials like porcelain or ceramic.
  • Attached to a reclining backwash chair for comfort.
  • Swivel mechanism for stylish convenience.
  • Customizable settings for a personalized client experience.
  • Combines functionality, comfort, and style in salon equipment.

Comfortable & Convenient

Shampoo Station Where Comfort Meets Pampering

The shampoo station is the heart of salon indulgence, where hair transformations begin. Meiyi Salon Equipment offers:

Hair wash chair and bed

Customers recline in plush hair wash chairs that mimic the coziness of a hair wash bed, allowing them to unwind completely.

Portable shampoo chair

For versatile salon setups, it is a game-changer, ensuring a luxurious hair wash wherever needed.

Reclining shampoo chair

The ergonomic design of a reclining shampoo chair guarantees ultimate comfort during the shampoo session.

Massage shampoo chair

Some barbershops even integrate massage shampoo chairs, turning every wash into a spa-like treat.

Step into the Shampoo Station, where every visit becomes a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, setting the stage for stunning hair transformations.

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