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Pedicure Spa Chair 1

Pedicure Spa Chair

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Synthetic Leather Pedicure Chair 1

Synthetic Leather Pedicure Chair

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Pedicure Chair With Bowl And Stools 1

Pedicure Chair With Bowl And Stools

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Pink Massage Pedicure Chair 1

Pink Massage Pedicure Chair

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Foot Spa Pedicure Chair 1

Foot Spa Pedicure Chair

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ceramic bowl pedicure chair

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Ultimate Pedicure Comfort

Custom Pedicure Chair

We offer a spectrum of color options, luxurious leather textures, and diverse foot basin to suit your business preferences. Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology, it ensures durability and effortless adjustment

Key Features

Soothing Pedicure Thrones in Your Spa

Premium Material:

High-quality, easy-to-clean materials like genuine leather and stainless steel for durability and luxury.

Massage Functionality:

Built-in massage features for relaxation and comfort during pedicures.


Customizable settings for chair position, water basin, and massage intensity.


Sanitary and easy-to-clean surfaces with disposable liners for the foot basin.

Which One Is Better?

Pipe Pedicure Chair vs. Pipeless Pedicure Chair

For pedicure chairs, there are two distinct categories that make all the difference: the pipe pedicure chair and the pipeless pedicure chair.

Pipe pedicure chairs are cheaper but relatively inconvenient, while pipeless pedicure chairs employ innovative technology to eliminate the need for pipes, making them a popular choice for hygiene-conscious salons.

Let’s explore the nuances of each:

Pipe Pedicure Chair

- More cost-effective and straightforward in design. - Require regular cleaning and maintenance to curb bacteria. - With a traditional water pipe system to circulate and drain water in the basin.

Pipeless Pedicure Chair

- With a powerful jet system to create a whirlpool effect. - reduce the risk of bacterial growth and simplify cleaning.

About Meiyi

Best Pipeless Pedicure Chairs on The Market

In the ever-evolving business of salon equipment, the quest for the perfect pedicure experience leads to pipeless pedicure chairs. These spa chairs are made by prominent pedicure chair manufacturers in China like Meiyi Salon Equipment, which epitomize innovation and luxury.

And one standout feature of a pipeless pedicure chair is the zero gravity pedicure position.

The zero gravity feature reclines clients into a position that mimics the sensation of weightlessness, reducing pressure on the spine and enhancing comfort during treatments. These chairs often come equipped with massage functions, heat therapy, and customizable settings, ensuring a truly indulgent spa experience.

Designed with durable materials, these pipeless pedicure chairs are not just functional; they are aesthetic masterpieces. Meiyi caters to discerning customers who seek both relaxation and the latest technology, allowing everycomer to enjoy the pedicure journey.

Escape & Rejuvenate

The Pedicure Station, The Relaxation Oasis

Meiyi understands that a pedicure station is the heart of a spa or salon, thus stations we provide are thoughtfully designed, offering a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation for clients.

At the core of these stations are the exquisite spa pedicure chairs. They are engineered for both comfort and functionality, with adjustable settings, massage functions, and premium upholstery to ensure an unparalleled pedicure experience.

For salons, a portable pedicure chair is an ideal choice, because these chairs are lightweight and easy to move so that they can organize your salon space.

Obviously, cooperating with the right pedicure chair supplier is important to run a spa business. Therefore, a handpicked pedicure station with top-notch spa pedicure chairs elevates the spa experience and upgrades your spa.

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