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Get the best salon furniture you need from the top-tier supplier — Meiyi. We provide salon chairs, barber chairs, mirrors, trolleys, desks, and stools for your stylish and functional salon business.

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Statistics Analysis

Market Trend for Barber Salon Industry

Market Demand and Growth

The salon industry is poised for robust growth in the coming years, with the global market estimated at $215.65 billion in 2022 and projected to reach $383.8 billion by 2030, thanks to a 7.55% CAGR.

In terms of revenue generation within the salon industry, hair care and styling services are among the top earners, expected to grow steadily at a CAGR of 3.03% from 2023 to 2027, reaching an estimated $91.23 billion in revenue by 2023. Haircuts and styling contribute the most to revenue (62%), followed by hair coloring services at 23%.

In the United States, with 952,619 hair salons in 2023, an innovative approach and personalized services are expected to drive growth in the industry. Women dominate the profession, making up more than 90% of hairdressers, with an average age of 40.

That means people are willing to invest in high-quality services. Aside from salon supplies itself, salon furniture in an exclusive barbershop becomes the major selling point. Different styles and business orientations attract different types of customers. Of course, Meiyi will help you stand out in the industry.

Consumer age distribution in the industry shows that those aged 35 to 54 are the largest segment, with a preference for personal care services. Consumers aged 55 and older are significant contributors to industry revenue, particularly in hair services. Women are prominent clients in both hair and nail salons, with up to 97% of all clients in nail salons being women.

Thus you need to focus on comfort and applicability when you purchase salon furniture and salon equipment

Buyer Guide

How to Find The Best Salon Furniture Manufacturer?

When embarking on the quest to discover the paramount salon furniture manufacturer, meticulous considerations must be at the forefront of your search. A foremost factor to contemplate is the salon furniture company itself, and among the industry's reputable names, Meiyi Salon Equipment stands as a distinguished emblem of quality and craftsmanship.


Begin your expedition by examining Meiyi's extensive catalog. A reputable salon furniture wholesale provider should offer a wide array of products, ensuring your salon's every need is met. From stylish chairs to cutting-edge workstations, diversity in offerings is imperative.


Next, ascertain the salon supply and furniture provider's commitment to customization. In the contemporary salon landscape, individuality is the top priority. Seek a manufacturer proficient in crafting custom-made salon chairs, where each piece is meticulously tailored to your precise specifications.


Then, quality assurance is non-negotiable. Scrutinize their materials, from plush upholstery to stainless steel frames. Additionally, delve into reviews and client testimonials, unearthing insights into the manufacturer's track record.


Lastly, engage with their customer support. A responsive and informative team signifies a commitment to client satisfaction. In your quest for the superlative salon furniture manufacturer, these multifaceted considerations will lead you to the pinnacle of the industry.

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