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Hairressing Trolley

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Salon Barber Cabinet

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Folding salon trolley

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Salon drawer trolley

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Chic And Practical Design

Custom Salon Trolley

We offer a spectrum of trolley designs and functions to suit your business preferences. Crafted with advanced technology, it ensures durability and effortless adjustment.

Key Features

Small Tool, Big Power


Made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, including plastics or metal alloys, Meiyi's trolleys not only withstand the rigors of daily salon use but also exude a sleek and professional appearance.


With smooth-rolling wheels, it effortlessly glides across the salon floor, ensuring efficiency in service delivery.


Featuring multiple drawers, compartments, and shelves, the carts provide a dedicated space for organizing an array of beauty products.

Boost Efficiency And Charm

Hairdressing Trolley vs. Beauty Trolley

Different trolley serves distinct purposes, thus they also are tailored to the specialized needs of hairstylists and beauty professionals. For a salon, choosing between the two often comes down to the specialization of services offered.

While the esthetician trolleys are tailored for skincare and nail treatments, hairdressing trolleys are the preferred choice for hairstyling.

Hairdressing Trolley

- Compartments and slots for hairdryers, straighteners, and an assortment of styling tools. - Ergonomic design for easy access to essentials.

Beauty Trolley

- Specialized sections for skincare products, masks, and implements. - Integrated with manicure trolley and pedicure cart that is equipped with shelves to organize nail polishes, files, and brushes.

About Meiyi

Best Salon Trolley Manufacturer

Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, Meiyi Salon Equipment stands as a frontrunner among salon trolley manufacturers.

Our salon cart offerings are a testament to our dedication to functionality and style. Engineered with precision, these carts are not merely utilitarian but also elevate the aesthetics of any space.

A beauty trolley with drawers — a masterpiece of organization

These drawers are thoughtfully designed to accommodate an array of beauty essentials, from hairstyling tools to cosmetics, ensuring that every item has its dedicated place.

The salon rolling cart — a paragon of mobility and convenience

Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, it glides effortlessly through the salon, streamlining workflow and reducing downtime.

Lockable salon trolley — a guarantee of security

It provides a safe haven for valuable tools and products.

With a Meiyi salon tray on wheels, every salon becomes a stage for beauty and efficiency, setting the bar high for the industry.

Convenient & Durable

Do Stainless Steel Trolley Popular?

Stainless steel trolleys have emerged as a formidable force in terms of salon and beauty equipment. The allure of these sleek, metallic wonders is undeniable.

Meiyi, one of the stainless steel trolley manufacturers, has witnessed an upsurge in demand, thanks to its commitment to manufacturing not only functional pieces but also design statements.

For example, the white beauty trolley, with its clean and elegant aesthetics, appeals to those seeking a timeless addition to their salon setup. Meanwhile, the enigmatic charm of the black beauty trolley caters to those with a penchant for contemporary luxury.

It is beyond doubt that trolleys in China and other countries have risen in popularity, becoming coveted products in the beauty industry.

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