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Welcome to Meiyi Salon Furniture, where style, comfort, and innovation converge.

About Meiyi Salon Equipment

Salon & Spa Furniture Manufacturer Since 2008

Based in Guangzhou, China, Meiyi specializes in salon furniture and spa equipment and has boosted itself to become a leading furniture supplier in the beauty and salon industry.

We’re not just a designer and maker; we’re the magicians behind your salon’s success story.

At Meiyi, design, molding, manufacturing, semi-assembly, and packaging are linked closely in the whole process. For each step, we set strict standards to ensure both quality and quantity. Our creative designers and competent workers are always here to help you bring ideas to life.

The Room of Requirement

Responsive Customer Service

Before we dive into the project, the foremost thing is to understand your ideas, your needs, and your challenges. You will have your own project manager, who is a patient listener and delivers the best service for you. When you partner with Meiyi, you can count on first-class customer service.

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Become a leading salon furniture supplier and manufacturer in beauty and salon industry.


Provide top-notch spa and salon furniture and equipment for customers; Create a valuable platform for employees to realize self-fulfillment.


Maintain the core value of empowering customers, embracing practical innovation, upholding honety and integrity, and fostering unity and collaboration.

Custom Salon & Spa Furniture Factory in China

Professional Custom Service

With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we bring your unique vision to the actual shop. From personalized designs to tailored features, our factory is dedicated to creating furniture that enhances the beauty and functionality of your salon or spa.

Our creative design teams will perfectly align with your shop’s aesthetic.

Custom Salon & Spa Furniture Factory in China

Take a Closer Look at How Our Factory Pack Up Furniture

On-site Inspection

We employ a dual approach to quality control, combining advanced inspection machinery with scrutinized human checks. This comprehensive method covers the scrutiny of raw materials, furniture samples, and finished products.

Only after passing these meticulous examinations do the products proceed to the final product inspection phase. This ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Solid Packing & Overall Stuffing

For the secure packaging of salon furniture, particularly fragile items like mirrors and ceramic shampoo basins, we employ robust wooden frames and cushioning materials such as foam and sponge. This ensures solid protection and effective overall stuffing to safeguard these delicate pieces during transit.

Green Glamour

Crafting Beauty with Sustainable Salon Furniture

At Meiyi, our commitment to beauty doesn’t end with design and functionality. It extends to our responsibility towards the environment. Discover how we infuse sustainability into every facet of our salon furniture manufacturing.

Eco-Materials: Our eco-chic source starts with the selected materials, including reclaimed and recycled wood, eco-friendly upholstery, and low-VOC finishes.

Waste Warriors: We’ve invested in innovative recycling and upcycling processes that transform production waste into new creations, reducing our ecological footprint.

Carbon-Neutral Creation: Our production facility trims the excess and pioneer carbon-neutral practices, keeping our carbon emissions in check.

Packaging: Our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable materials ensure that even our product’s journey to you leaves a minimal ecological mark.

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