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Handpicked Hair Salon Furniture: Diverse Selection and Comprehensive Services

Since customers prioritize wellness and self-expression, hair salons are well-positioned to provide both hair styling and holistic grooming experiences. Adapting to these trends and emphasizing personalized and sustainable services will be key to success in this dynamic industry.

Background Info

The client plans to open 2 beauty salon this year in the Philippines, thus wanting to find a reliable salon furniture supplier at a reasonable price. But she has never found a trustworthy manufacturer, and was worried that the products are not the ones she ordered and the price is unreasonable. By browsing our website, services and online live broadcasts, she decided to choose us.

Challenges & Solutions

In taking care of this project, we faced a couple of challenges:

Challenge 1: Challenge 1: Does the size of the product fit into the shop?

The customer didn’t know the size of our manicure tables and whether they are suitable for the manicure salon. She wanted to see various styles and intuitively understand the size of the furniture.

Solution 1

Beyond offering a catalog, we extended a warm invitation for her to join us for live video presentations. We aimed to create an immersive experience, enabling the client to witness the intricate, real-time manufacturing process up close.

In addition to our extensive product range, we offered a visual journey through our collection with detailed, real-life images. These images provided a transparent view, showcasing every product from its raw form to the final masterpiece.

We believe in fostering transparency and offering our customers an in-depth understanding of our offerings, every selection aligns with their expectations and desires.

In order to show our sincerity and enhance long-term cooperation, we gave discounts based on the quantity and type of spa furniture ordered by the client, allowing her to get the best products at competitive prices.

Challenge 2: Challenge 2: Packaging and shipping details of spa furniture

The client expressed genuine apprehensions regarding the safety of their spa furniture during transit, highlighting a growing concern over the potential damage that may result from inadequate or improper packaging procedures.

This emphasizes the need for a comprehensive packaging solution to ensure the preservation of their valuable spa assets.

Solution 2

Our meticulous monitoring encompassed the complete process, ensuring transparency. We proactively shared images at every stage, from the intricate inner packaging to the secure outer packaging of the product.

By doing so, we aimed to instill confidence and ease in our valued customers.

Happy Result

The client received all she ordered on time, and was very satisfied.

The client’s spa shop enjoyed a triumphant launch, warmly embraced and cherished by her delighted customers who quickly formed a loyal following.


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